Most Affordable Online MBA Programs

Committing to formal study in management, leadership, or entrepreneurship are sure-fire ways to invest in your business career, but not all aspiring leaders in commerce can relocate to attend school, which means online education is practical and necessary for career advancement.

Most Affordable Online MBA ProgramsMany of the most affordable online MBA programs offer exciting, engaging, and flexible opportunities for degree completion.

We at College Choice want you to understand your options, so we’ve made easy-to-digest data pages concerning affordable online MBA programs so you can make an informed decision quickly.

Whether you’re pursuing the more traditional Master’s in Business Administration or a cutting edge Master’s in Business Analytics, the world of online MBA programs offers stimulating approaches to instruction. Some new trends included:

  1. Gamification and Interactives: Many online MBA programs are developing game-like learning modules and interactive digital platforms that reinforce competitive ambition. Based on rewards structures, website building tools, fabricated boards of directors, and faux shops trafficking in digital widgets, tech-savvy next-gen entrepreneurs are learning real-world lessons from collaborative games.
  2. Synchronized Instruction: Discussion forums, online quizzes, and other forms of asynchronous learning which have the mainstays of digital MBAs for several years, but programs are moving toward synchronous, real-time classroom components. Mock pitch sessions, board meetings, and administrative meetings are being conducted with actors and instructors working together to create practica that re-create experiences students will encounter in the business world.
  3. Project-Based Learning: Students who wish to be executives can opt to engage cross-disciplinary, semester-long projects involving intricate solo and group tasks. Students are encouraged to treat projects like a workplace, where their input and activity rises to challenges real business people face, all while investigating class content.

After examining information concerning accreditation, graduation rates, student debt numbers, job placement records, and other metrics that indicate quality online education, consider the following when choosing from the top online MBA programs:

  1. Know that the online degree you’re planning to pursue provides the same resources as the on-campus degree. Online and learning support centers, convenient access to faculty and staff, and access to business networks associated with the university are all good measures of equity.
  2. Be sure you understand the level of interaction you’ll receive with your peers and professors in an online MBA degree. The best online MBA programs often have residency components (brief onsite cohort meetings) that replicate the networking advantages of face-to-face programs and allow for serious immersion via professional interaction.
  3. Count the costs of digital education and recognize that financial structures are different with online degrees. MBA online programs may have costs about which students rarely think. For example, technology fees surprise students if they aren’t factored into fees per course or credit hour.

Our online M.B.A. programs rankings list is based on reputation and affordability (rather than location), presenting students with top M.B.A. Programs that are at least accredited by the or the . In addition, many of the listed schools are accredited by the .

2018 Ranking

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Columbia Southern University

Program Tuition: $9,900

Atop our list is Columbia Southern University. Their completely online MBA offers multiple concentrations, from Marketing, or Finance to Human Resources Management. Most students complete the program in three years. In 2015, 82% of students graduated on time and over half their students were employed in their field of study within 180 days of graduating and were employed for at least 13 weeks.

This 36 credit program is a great value at $9,900 total tuition cost, with $275/credit hour. Boasting a DEAC accreditation, the online MBA program is not only the most affordable option, but is great opportunity for students who are looking for a flexible program with multiple concentration options.

The strength of CSU’s online MBA program, aside from its affordability, flexible curriculum, and diverse concentrations, is its focus on responsibility and business ethics. Increasingly, employers are looking to hire candidates who not only have skills of business administration, but also are able to apply ethical analysis to many of the complex situations faced every day in this globalized marketplace. This program will prepare you to make sound business decisions with integrity and social awareness.


Western International University

Program Tuition: $13,650

Working professionals who are looking to move into business intelligence analyst or operation management positions will be happy with Western International University’s online MBA. This business degree can be completely done online and at a student’s leisure, providing the student with access to one of the top MBA programs in the country广西快3.

The MBA online program from Western International is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission’s North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, known as NCACSTHLC. It is also the most affordable business degree on this list, costing $350 per credit. The total cost for this one-year program is $13,650 for the 39 required credits.

Like most online MBA programs, Western International focuses its MBA candidates on the research, critical thinking and analysis skills that all leaders need. Students also learn organization behavior and ethics to help prepare them for the leadership role that they will be taking on as graduates.

The key focus of some of the best online MBA programs, like the one at Western International, is to create strong leaders who can adapt and respond to the changing business climate, no matter the industry or application. With the help and support of the faculty at this school, students will become well-rounded leaders who are ready to take on any challenge they may face in the workplace.


Indiana Institute of Technology

Program Tuition: $17,820

Indiana Institute of Technology is one of the top MBA programs in the state and is nationally recognized for affordability, convenience, and its world-class faculty. Working students love this university, which holds NCACSTHLC accreditation because it has created an MBA online experience that is unmatched regarding faculty involvement and experience within the business sector.

Tuition at Indiana Institute of Technology costs $495 per credit hour, one of the lowest rates in the country广西快3. For the required 36 hours needed for graduation, the total cost of the program is just $17,820, which puts this online business degree in the second spot on this list. And financial aid for military veterans as well as employment reimbursement for working professionals is also available to lower the tuition cost.

Indiana Institute of Technology focuses on developing the skills needed within leadership positions in business. Creating the MBA program with this in mind allows students to put into practice those administrative and interpersonal skills that will become vital to them as they move into executive roles. The online format gives students maximum flexibility; students are free to engage the material when it is convenient for them.

Indiana Tech is unique in one respect, and this makes it one of the best online MBA programs in the country广西快3 — it is one of the only online MBA programs that offers a dual degree option. Students can choose to earn a separate and full master’s degree in either Management or Engineering Management in addition to their MBA. While this may elongate the degree plan, it is advisable for professionals looking to specialize in either field to take on the extra course load.


Ohio Christian University

Program Tuition: $18,000

The online MBA program is the most desired graduate degree from Ohio Christian University. In as little as 18 months, working professionals can get an excellent education from this NCACSTHLC accredited school. And for many students who are looking for an affordable graduate business degree, OCU is the best alternative to getting a degree on campus.

Tuition costs at Ohio Christian sit at $500 per credit hour. The MBA program requires 36 credit hours, making the program’s total cost $18,000 for full-time students. But like the majority of MBA online programs, financial aid is available for both resident and non-resident students.

Students who are looking for concentrations to go along with their MBA will find six such specialized fields at this university. Digital Marketing and Organizational Leadership are among the most popular specializations, but there is a variety of fields from which to choose.

Working professionals who are looking to advance their career through the MBA will find that most courses at Ohio Christian revolve around implementing business strategies and critical thinking skills to real-world solutions. Courses focus on dialogue and solution-based thinking to create strong business leaders all within a format that goes wherever a student goes.


Cornerstone University

Program Tuition: $19,000

Cornerstone University houses one of the best online MBA programs in the country广西快3 for working professionals who need the flexibility to complete a graduate business degree. The university, which is NCACSTHLC-accredited, offers students an accelerated cohort model so that they can graduate in as little as 20 months for full-time study.

This is one of the most affordable MBA online programs as well, with tuition costs per credit at $500. The total MBA program cost for the required 38 credits is $19,000 with financial aid available for students in special circumstances.

Like most competitive top MBA programs, Cornerstone does have requirements for admission into the program. Students must provide a professional resume, proof of work experience, and two letters of recommendation along with their application. Cornerstone, however, does not require GRE or GMAT results for admission, which makes this an accessible program for students who do not have a background in business.

Cornerstone is unique in its approach to MBA education. This degree is taught in an accelerated cohort format, meaning students are put into groups and go through the courses together. Courses are also taught one at a time in lock-step format, meaning mastery of one subject is required before moving to another subject.

Students will be expected to be able to formulate business plans and strategies for a variety of markets, debate and discuss business ethics in a forum as well as identify and solve current business issues. Because courses are taught on the cohort model, students will have group projects that can be completed online.


Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Program Tuition: $19,050

One of the best online MBA programs that can be found in the country广西快3 is housed at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, which hold regional accreditation by the NCACSTHLC. The MBA online experience was designed by a renown faculty with experience in the business world and ensures students focus on one concept at a time while building experience within a specialized field.

This school offers one of the most affordable top MBA programs, with tuition per credit hour at just $635. With only 30 credits required for graduation, the total cost of this business degree is only $19,050. This school has one of the lowest requirements for credit hours available, and this can be lowered even further if a student has eligible transfer credits from another university.

As with many online MBA programs, SMUM teaches this degree from a professional perspective. Students are expected to have a few years of work experience in the business sector, and the courses provided by the school work on that foundation to further enhance a student’s knowledge of leadership and management in the field.

Saint Mary’s University requires two unique things from its students. The first is that students specialize their online MBA. This will attract employers who are looking for professionals with an educational background in marketing, social media, or human resource management and results in employment offers before graduation.

The second requirement is that students take part in a live business capstone project with a local business organization. Alternatively, students can travel abroad for the international business capstone project which requires collaboration with a business in a foreign country广西快3.


Saint Joseph’s College (Maine)

Program Tuition: $19,950

Of the top MBA programs offered in America, Saint Joseph’s College is perhaps the unique regarding how the MBA online experience is structured. This NEAS CIHE-accredited school, which holds an independent accreditation for its online MBA, focuses on dialogue-driven online courses. This creates strong critical thinkers who can effectively communicate; both skills are desperately needed in the business world.

Saint Joseph’s College is also nationally recognized as being one of the best online MBA programs for its affordability. The tuition cost per credit is just $475. With 42 credits total required for graduation, this business degree can be earned for $19,950. This is one of the lowest tuition rates of any MBA program, online or on campus, in the country广西快3.

Saint Joseph’s College focuses working students on communication, dialogue and critical thinking throughout the degree plan. With foundation courses spanning a variety of subjects like business ethics to global economics, the school requires a student engage in debates and discussion to ensure mastery over any given subject. This is one of the reasons Saint Joseph’s is considered one of the best online MBA programs in the country广西快3.

While this course can be earned in as little as 18 months, some working students will find that part-time study is best for them. Saint Joseph’s College understands this and offers five and ten-week courses five times a year. Students can also fast-track their online MBA programs with approval from the program director to be on their way to advancing their career in a shorter amount of time.


National American University

Program Tuition: $20,250

National American University offers one of the best MBA online programs through the Harold D. Buckingham Graduate School. It is one of the top MBA programs in Minnesota and is specially accredited by the IACBE. NAU itself is regionally accredited through the NCACSTHLC.

This graduate business degree is also one of the top ten most affordable online MBA programs in the nation, with the tuition cost per credit currently at $450. With 45 credits required for graduation, the total program cost is currently $20,250. But like many other online MBA programs, NAU offers tuition assistance for its students.

Students who come to NAU often praise it as one of the best online MBA programs for its commitment to academic excellence and its focus on offering concentrations within the degree. Some concentrations include International Business, Aviation Management, and Human Resources. These concentrations better prepare students for taking on executive level positions in specialized fields, such as Aviation, which required deeper knowledge in that area.

Students are given every convenience and support that campus students enjoy, albeit the support comes from online support services provided by NAU. These services, which include career counseling and tutoring programs, aid students in gaining mastery over a subject all while finishing their degree online and working.


South University

Program Tuition: $20,412

Getting an MBA online is an excellent experience for students who choose to attend South University online. The school, which is accredited regionally by SACS COC and with special accreditation for its online MBA by ACBSP, uses a process-based format which ensures students have mastered one subject before moving on to the next. It is currently considered one of the top MBA programs in Georgia.

To get this graduate business degree, students are required to complete 36 hours of coursework. The tuition cost per credit is $567, and the total tuition cost for this program is $20,412. Financial aid through loans and grants are available for students who qualify, and payment plans can also be put into place should a student require it.

South University is known for using a curriculum that is unique in the business world. A process-based curriculum ensures that a student advances through the MBA online classes at a pace that is comfortable for them. It also helps a student gain mastery of a subject before delving into a more specialized field of study that creates a standard of excellence that makes South University Online one of the best online MBA programs in the country广西快3.


University of Saint Mary

Program Tuition: $21,528

The University of Saint Mary has one of the best online MBA programs in the country广西快3, one that allows working students to earn an MBA online without interrupting their lives. The school is regionally accredited by NCACSTHLC, and the online MBA program is specially accredited by IACBE, a prestigious body that recognizes the best business schools in the country广西快3. With its one-year degree program and the flexibility to choose from six concentrations, it is ranked in the top MBA programs in Kansas.

There are 36 credits required for graduation for this graduate business degree. Each credit has a tuition cost of $598 with the program costing a total of $21,528. It is possible for this tuition cost to be lowered through financial aid or the transfer of credits from an accredited institution.

An MBA is no longer enough for many employers, which is why the University of Saint Mary has added seven concentrations to this degree experience. These concentrations range from Leadership and Organizational Health Concentration to the Enterprise Risk Management Concentration, which was created to develop executives who can manage risk across an entire organization using holistic strategies.


Indiana Wesleyan University

Program Tuition: $23,100

Parents who are ready to go back to school or working professionals have named Indiana Wesleyan University their top pick from which to get an online MBA. It is also nationally ranked as one of the top MBA programs in the country广西快3, adding to its already sterling reputation for being affordable, convenient, and designed for busy students. And as an NCACSTHLC-accredited school, it stands as the premier school in the region for business students.

This graduate business degree is affordable, with tuition costs per credit at $550. With 42 credits required for graduation, the total program cost is currently $23,100 for full-time students. Payments are made throughout the course and not required in full before enrollment. Financial aid in the form of employer reimbursement and loans is also available.

What sets Indiana Wesleyan apart from other MBA online programs is that this school allows students to take one course per term. This is best for working students who need to budget their time between 广西快3, work and school life. This also allows students to focus on one subject at a time, building their base education slowly while putting their new-found skills into practice.


Spring Arbor University

Program Tuition: $23,940

Spring Arbor University Online is a school that enjoys being nationally ranked as one of the top MBA programs in the nation. The school itself, which is accredited by NCACSTHLC, has been named one of the best colleges by U.S. News and World Report. Its MBA online program is also nationally renown for being one of the most affordable programs in Michigan.

Spring Arbor does not require the GRE or GMAT exams for its application process, and students will also be relieved to know that this business degree is very affordable. The cost per credit is $665 with a total of 36 credits required for graduation, making the total tuition cost $23,940. However, like many other online MBA programs, financial aid is available for students who qualify.

This is one of the best online MBA programs for students who are looking to graduate with their degree in as little as 18 months. Ambitious students will find that courses will be easy to schedule, and there is no residency requirement associated with this degree. Students will also find they can choose from six concentrations to increase their employment chances.

One of the best features of this MBA program is the option four-day international business summit that takes place in New York City. This summit, which is open to all students who have a concentration in international business, will allow students to network with business experts and hiring companies. This increases their ability to gain employment before they even graduate.


Liberty University

Program Tuition: $24,300

Liberty University offers a variety of online MBA programs that has been named Best Buy Online Masters by It is the perfect fit for a working professional who is interested in receiving a specialized MBA while continuing to work in their current job.

The school is accredited by the SACS COC and holds specialized accreditation by the ACBSP for the online MBA degree. It is currently rated as one of the top MBA programs in Virginia and is supported by an experienced faculty and a wide range of online support services for its students.

Tuition for this business degree is $540 per credit hour with a requirement of 45 credits. The total cost for this program is currently $24,300 for full-time study. Along with the best online MBA programs, Liberty does take eligible credit hours from an accredited university, provided that it fulfills the MBA core requirements.

Like many MBA online programs, Liberty University requires students to choose from ten specializations. The school believes that specialization of this degree will help strengthen MBA candidates in the workforce and make them more valuable to employers. In fact, many employers are beginning to seek MBA graduates with concentrations in such fields as International Business, Project Management, and Public Relations.


Southern New Hampshire University

Program Tuition: $24,453

Southern New Hampshire University is 广西快3 to one of the most accessible online MBA programs in the country广西快3, opening this degree to everyone with no GMAT or GRE required to apply. The school also holds regional accreditation by the NEAS CIHE and an independent accreditation by the ACBSP for its online MBA.

This graduate business degree is one of the most affordable in the nation, with tuition per credit at $627. Students will need at least 39 credits to graduate, making the total cost for the MBA online program $24,453. Like most online MBA programs, however, SNHU offers tuition assistance and the ability to transfer in credit hours.

The SNHU online MBA program was designed to be completed quickly. Most students complete the degree in a little over a year. Two courses are taken every ten-week term, but students can feel free to schedule their classes in a way that fits their schedule. Because of the flexibility and speed of the courses, SNHU alumni have named it one of the best online MBA programs in the state.

This school offers more than 30 different specializations within the MBA program, including Social Media, Music Business, Social Media and Sustainability and Environmental Compliance specializations. These specializations serve working professionals who already work in those fields advance their careers by giving them the necessary analytical and leadership skills for that workplace setting.


Saint Leo University

Program Tuition: $25,020

Consistently ranked as one of the top MBA programs in Florida, Saint Leo University is 广西快3 to a flexible and convenient online MBA. This university is accredited through the SACS COC and holds a specialized accreditation for its MBA online program through IACBE. It is one of the best online MBA programs for working professionals who are eager to advance their career with a specialized graduate degree from an accredited university.

The Saint Leo MBA degree has a tuition cost of $695 per credit with a minimum of 36 credit hours required to graduate. Students can expect the entire program to cost $25,020, although this cost can be mediated with transfer credits from an eligible university.

This business degree is perfect for students who work full-time, as this MBA can be earned with full-time or part-time study. Up to two courses can be taken at a time, with terms lasting only eight weeks. The MBA online program is also set up so that students can graduate in as little as one year or study part-time and finish in five years.

Saint Leo sets itself apart from other online MBA programs on this list because it allows, with faculty approval, the study of two specializations within the degree itself. This MBA comes with eight separate specializations and work to help students become more qualified for specific fields more than a general MBA could.


Lynn University

Program Tuition: $25,560

Lynn University offers a fully online MBA program that will fit every working professional’s busy schedule. With no GMAT or GRE required for acceptance, it is also one of the best online MBA programs for students who do not have an undergraduate degree. The school is regionally accredited by the SACS COC and has been ranked as one of the top MBA programs in Florida by the South Florida Business Journal.

Lynn University requires 36 credits for completion of this graduate business degree. Tuition per credit stands at $710, with total tuition for the program currently set at $25,560 for students with no available transfer credit hours.

The school has nine specializations for students, including Aviation Management, Marketing, and International Business Management. Courses for these specializations are considered electives, but students will find that they are an excellent way to examine and integrate the MBA online core curriculum with more specialized interests.

Each online course is taught by credentialed faculty who have experience in the business world in the same positions that students are currently working to be considered for. With additional access to career counseling and the ability to network with alumni, it’s no wonder that Lynn University stands out as a leader of online MBA programs in the state.


Grand Canyon University

Program Tuition: $25,760

Grand Canyon University is 广西快3 to the Colangelo College of Business and the university’s online MBA program. As one of the top MBA programs in Arizona, Grand Canyon holds regional accreditation by the NCACSTHLC as well as independent ACBSP accreditation for its MBA online degree.

This business degree has a tuition fee of $560 per credit hour. The total tuition cost for the required 46 credits is $25,760 if a student has no transfer credits. Grand Canyon also offers financial aid for qualifying students to help them reach their goal of getting an MBA.

The school has a broad focus on business leadership. Like many online MBA programs, this degree program looks at economics, accounting, finance and organizational leadership from both a nation and an international perspective. This ensures students will be ready for any business workplace and will be able to adapt to the ever-changing business climate.

Working professionals who are looking to move into executive roles in business and service organizations will want to consider Grand Canyon University. The school excels in providing MBA candidates with the communication and problem-solving skills expected of new leaders and is why this school is nationally recognized as being one of the best online MBA programs for those looking to move into administrative roles.


Northcentral University

Program Tuition: $25,950

As one of the top MBA programs in the nation, Northcentral University takes pride in its unique position as both the 广西快3 of an excellent online MBA and as a “preferred school” as designated by the FBI Academy. It holds regional accreditation by the NCACSTHLC, and the MBA online program holds separate accreditation by the ACBSP.

Northcentral is unique in its approach to this business degree in that courses start weekly rather than on a monthly or quarterly basis. This helps working students find the time to fit their courses in when they have time to partake in them.

Tuition is also unique at this school. This is one of a very small number of online MBA programs that bill tuition for an entire course rather than per credit hour. Course fees are $2,550, with 30 credit hours required for graduation. The total program tuition amount stands at $25,950. Tuition can be lowered if students have eligible credit hours to transfer from an accredited school.

Northcentral is an independent-minded school which relies on a student’s motivation and ambition to finish their degree. Courses online are taught in a one-to-one format with a faculty that features 100 percent of professors holding a doctorate. There are no group projects or class times, and capstone projects are completed utilizing the Capsim’s Capstone Business simulation.

Another unique feature of Northcentral is the amount of specializations that can be found under the MBA umbrella. Students can choose from Human Resources Management, 广西快3land Security and more to provide them a strong background in the field of their choice. All of these features combined make Northcentral one of the best online MBA programs in the nation.


University of Northwestern Ohio

Program Tuition: $26,400

At the University of Northwestern Ohio, students will find one of the most affordable and flexible online MBA programs in the country广西快3. The school is regionally accredited by the NCACSTHLC, and the online MBA program has accreditation from the ACBSP, which is line with the school’s commitment to academic excellence and high standards for all of its students.

UNOH is 广西快3 to one of the best online MBA programs in the state, a title it earned because of its convenience, affordability, and flexible schedule. MBA candidates are not required to submit GMAT tests and courses cost $550 per credit hour. To meet the required 48 credit hours for completion, the entire program will cost $26,400, but students who need financial aid will find that UNOH is more than willing to help them find a way to pay for their education. UNOH also does not charge online students for textbooks and other resources.

Unlike other business degree programs, UNOH’s MBA online program focuses on a student’s schedule rather than a fixed format. The program can be completed in as little as 18 months; however, students are encouraged to take courses when it is most convenient for them to relieve the stress of going to school and working.


Ashford University

Program Tuition: $27,048

The Forbes School of Business at Ashford University is one of the top MBA programs in the country广西快3 and is supported by a world-class faculty of business experts and professors who bring the best knowledge of the current business climate to their students. Ashford University is WASC WSCUC-accredited, and its online MBA program holds a special accreditation by the IACBE.

Getting an online business degree, particularly the MBA, through Ashford University has never been easier — or affordable. Tuition for the 42 required credits is $644 with the total program costing $27,048. Students can earn their degree in as little as a year or study part-time for two years, whatever is easiest for them.

Through Ashford, working professionals can earn an MBA using their computer, tablet, or smartphone, ensuring that they are always connected to their classes. The school also offers support for online students through the Online Center and with greater access to the professors teaching their courses. This support is one of the reasons that Ashford is considered 广西快3 to one of the best online MBA programs in the nation.

Ashford MBA candidates can choose one of 13 specializations, transforming the degree into different online MBA programs for various fields. Specializing in a certain area, such as Media Management or Organizational Leadership, will result in students finding more rewarding work and more responsibility in their new careers as leaders in the business world.


Regent University

Program Tuition: $27,300

Regent University has one of the top MBA programs in the country广西快3 and has been nationally ranked for both its faculty and its online MBA degree program. It is also a competitive school that offers a degree plan that is both functional for working students as well as academically rigorous. Regent is SACS COC-accredited, and the MBA online program is independently accredited by the prestigious ACBSP.

The MBA business degree can be earned in 16 months, though students may take as much time as they need. Tuition per credit hour stands at $650 with the total program costing $27,300. Students with financial needs can inquire about financial aid and military education benefits.

As one of the best online MBA programs in the country广西快3, Regent stands apart from other schools in that it offers students both full-time and part-time schedules year-round. Students can also choose from over 15 different specializations within the degree, making them more attractive to potential employers.

At graduation, students will be able to design strategies and plans for marketing, accounting, financial, and business needs. Also, students will be clear communicators, both in written and oral form, and have a firm grasp of the ethical and legal issues that impact the business world.


Norwich University

Program Tuition: $27,360

Norwich University has been recognized as one of the best online MBA programs by U.S. News and World Report and is a sought after MBA program for working professionals who want to further their education while continuing their careers. This university is NEAS CIHE-accredited, and the online MBA program is independently accredited by the ACBSP.

The cost per credit hour at Norwich is $760, and 36 credits are required for graduation. This puts the total for one of the best recognized online MBA programs at $27,360 for the program, which lasts 18 months. Each student is required to take courses online, and they are required to take part in a one-week residency at the school to graduate.

This Norwich business degree has six different concentrations for students to choose from, including project, construction or energy management, finance, organizational leadership, or the unique supply chain management concentration. These specializations help focus a student to a specific goal and make them qualified candidates in these areas.

Along with many other MBA programs, Norwich requires students also participate in an independent research project that helps them put into practice the concepts they were taught during previous courses. Combining their knowledge of economics, marketing, finance, globalization policies and more, students will create strategies for identifying and resolving current business conflicts that are prevalent in the working world.

Because the strong curriculum and specializations encourage students to pick a field and immerse themselves in it, Norwich students are often the most qualified of all candidates for the positions that they have applied for. This has led to the school recognizing the MBA program as the most popular online program they are currently offering.


American InterContinental University

Program Tuition: $27,936

Working professionals looking for an online MBA program that takes as little as 11 months to complete will be interested in American InterContinental University. The school, which is NCACSTHLC-accredited as well as holding an ACBSP accreditation for the MBA online program, believes that students who already have a strong background in business would benefit from this accelerated format, especially as the program can be found completely online.

AIU’s MBA differs from other top MBA programs in that it provides students with a way to finish their degree in less time by using the Intellipath platform to move quickly through courses that they may already have mastery in. This helps lower the cost of tuition, which currently sits at $27,936 for the 48 credits required to graduate. The tuition for each credit is $582.

AIU has a large variety of courses students can take to help them learn more about management and leadership roles in business. Many of these courses focus on national and global perspectives on subjects like finance, marketing, economics, and ethics. Other courses delve into more personal skills, such as communication and critical thinking skills that professionals need to work within a team.


Colorado Technical University

Program Tuition: $28,080

Colorado Technical University is the first best place for a nationally respected online MBA education. The university is NCACSTHLC, and the MBA online is specially accredited by the ACBSP. It is also one of the few online MBA programs that require previous education in business for all of its applicants.

This school has been nationally ranked as one of the best online MBA programs by U.S. News and World Report and is currently a Tier One program as designated by CEO Magazine. These distinctions, along with the high employment rate at graduation, are just a few of the reasons that Colorado Tech is continuously recognized as one of the top MBA programs in the nation.

CTU’s MBA program has a requirement of 48 credits, which are split into foundation courses, concentration courses, and a capstone project. The total tuition for this program is $28,080, with each credit hour costing $585.

The MBA offered by Colorado Tech is perfect for students looking for a specialized graduate business degree. Among the concentrations offered, which is a requirement for graduation, are Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. Foundation courses build up a strong base knowledge of business, managerial accounting and economics and more.


Baker University

Program Tuition: $28,810

Students who are looking for the best online MBA programs need to look no further than Baker University, a school that focuses on teaching their graduate candidates the leadership and communication skills needed to move into leadership positions. Baker is regionally accredited by the NCACSTHLC and is considered to have one of the top MBA programs in Kansas.

The Baker University online MBA takes as little as 24 months to complete. The 39 required credits are $670 per credit, with the entire program costing $28,810 if a student does not have transfer credits.

This business degree program is available year-round for working professionals, with courses taking as little as six weeks to complete. While students can finish in as little as 22 months, like many other online MBA programs, this degree plan is flexible and can be designed to fit a student with working and family obligations.

The MBA online experience at Baker focuses on providing students with the ability to collaborate and work as part of a team. In this respect, MBA candidates are given freedom to work together in teams for projects and are encouraged to collaborate with not just each other, but also their professors.


St. Bonaventure University

Program Tuition: $30,744

St. Bonaventure University is among the five percent of online MBA programs that have been accredited by the AACSB. It is a prestige accreditation that, when coupled with the school’s regional accreditation by the MSCHE, makes it one of the best universities from which to get an online MBA.

The St. Bonaventure MBA online requires 43 credits, with each credit costing $732 to complete within a two-year time frame. Some students who have completed pre-requisite courses may finish in as little as 15 months.

St. Bonaventure offers this online business degree for working professionals that are committed to learning the skills needed to become leaders. Courses focus on a foundation of decision-making and problem-solving skills, the ability to work as part of a team, how legal and ethical issues impact business and the changing global perspective of business.

Like many other top MBA programs, St. Bonaventure has a foundation core, a curriculum core and a capstone project that makes up the requirements for obtaining the MBA online. Courses can be scheduled at the student’s leisure while capstone projects are personalized for the student’s professional interests.


Manhattan College

Program Tuition: $31,140

An online MBA from Manhattan College will give any working professional a boost in their careers, whether they’re choosing to move into an administrative role in their current industry or moving into a new industry altogether. With regional accreditation from MSCHE and an AACSB accreditation for the MBA online program, the school meets and exceeds a student’s academic standards.

The Manhattan online MBA program costs a total of $31,140 for the required 42 credits. Tuition costs for each credit currently stand at $865. The program itself is considered one of the best online MBA programs in the country广西快3 and is proud to have rigorous standards for all of its students.

This business degree, which is counted as one of the top MBA programs, is committed to a multidisciplinary approach to business administration. Students will find themselves exploring different academic studies that form the basis of their degree. These include Analysis and Risk Management, Leadership and Social Justice, and Organizations and the Competitive Environment.

Based in New York City, Manhattan College also offers students a faculty that is active in the business world. These experts create and teach for online MBA programs because they truly understand what subjects, like ethics and policymaking, are important for graduates to know when entering the workforce.


Walden University

Program Tuition: $33,120

Walden University is 广西快3 to one of the best online MBA programs in the country广西快3 and is accredited by the ACBSP. The school itself holds regional accreditation from the NCACSTHLC and is nationally ranked as one of the top business schools in the country广西快3. Students have praised the online MBA program for its flexibility regarding graduation times and for its support from the faculty and staff.

Walden requires 36 credits to complete the MBA, with each credit costing $920. Students can expect to pay $33,120 for the entire program, though this cost depends on how students decide to enroll in courses. With Walden’s Tempo Learning program, students who choose the competency-based model might pay as little as $19,125 for nine terms.

The MBA is by far the most popular business degree at Walden. It is one of the top MBA programs in its region and is furthered recognized for its specializations, an embedded graduate-level certificate, video lectures by current business leaders and more. And like many other MBA online programs, the degree is designed to help students reach their specific goals.

Walden is unlike many other online MBA programs. The school understands that specializations are important in today’s changing market, and so there are 11 different concentrations that students can choose from to further their employment chances.

Another great feature is that by completing the first set of required credits, a student can earn a graduate-level certificate that can be put on a resume. This certificate, combined with the various courses in business ethics, policy-making at the administrative level and more, makes Walden students competitive in the workplace.


Capella University

Program Tuition: $37,440

Most online MBA programs have taken a page from Capella University, which has been consistently considered one of the best ways to get a graduate business degree in the country广西快3. Capella holds regional accreditation by NCACSTHLC and the ACBSP for the school and its online MBA respectively, making it a boon for students who understand how important accreditation is for employers.

Capella requires all MBA candidates to take a minimum of 48 credits, each which cost $780 per credit. The program costs $37,440 for completion, though unlike other top MBA programs, the degree plan is self-paced so that students can study at their pace.

The MBA online at Capella is best known for its FlexPath format, a program that allows students to not only design their schedule but also gives students the ability to move faster through subjects they’re already educated in. This leaves students more time to master other subjects that may be new to them, such as business and ethics, organizational thinking, and business politics.

Capella also offers a variety of features that can’t be found in other online MBA programs. The degree requires a capstone project that is personalized for students as well as an interdisciplinary focus that shows students how economics, politics, policy and culture inform business decisions both at 广西快3 and abroad.

Capella is also 广西快3 to MBA Central, which is a news hub of all the important information an MBA candidate will need to find work, learn more about opportunities, and keep in touch with what’s going on in the business world. This is a great degree for students who want to move into administrative roles in various industries, including as a hospital administrator or working within the government.


University of Delaware

Program Tuition: $39,000

The University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics is 广西快3 to one of the best online MBA programs in the country广西快3. The university is regionally accredited by MSCHE, and the business degree has special accreditation by the AACSB, making it one of the most sought after online MBA programs for working professionals.

This degree can be earned in as little as 16 months and at a student’s pace. Each class runs for seven weeks and is completed entirely online. With 48 credits required for graduation and with each credit costing $812.50, this MBA online degree costs $39,000 per student.

Unlike many other top MBA programs, the University of Delaware’s MBA comes with concentrations in Finance and International Business with an option to have a dual focus for the degree. This has attributed to U.S. News and World Report ranking this university in the top 30 public universities in the nation.

This online MBA is perfect for working professionals who are looking to move into leadership roles in international business or finance, specializations within the business world that are currently hiring managers for senior roles. Courses focus on organizational behavior and critical thinking to mold students into prime candidates for senior leadership positions in multinational companies.