Computers and Technology Degree Programs

How Do I Get a Degree in Computers and Technology?

What aspect of your life is untouched by computers and technology? The simple answer is no aspect—there’s nothing you do in a given day that doesn’t involve a computer. It may seem obvious to say, but the fields of computer science and technology are growing daily and there’s no sign that that will change any time soon. So, if you’re interested in getting a degree from one of the best online computer science programs or one of the best traditional computer science schools, College Choice is here to help you understand your options for all things related to getting a computer science and technology degree.

Perhaps you’re looking to advance your professional career by returning to school to complete a degree, but can’t pack up and head off to one of the best computer science programs in the country广西快3 to complete a traditional program. No worry, because the Digital Age has made distance education a viable option for getting a quality degree at a low price, and without sacrificing the rigors of academic instruction. Don’t believe us? Check out our fantastic rankings for online computer science and technology degrees from all over the US, which detail cost per credit hour and our College Choice Score, which is aggregated from the data of several different comprehensive surveys: Best Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Best Online Master’s in Computer Science. Maybe you’re trying to watch your spending and have a limited amount of money to invest in education at the moment. We can help with that as well. Our Cheapest Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science and our Cheapest Online Master’s in Computer Science will give you a good idea of how to go to school for a computer science and technology degree without breaking the bank.

Or maybe you’re able and interested in getting a degree from one of the best computer science and technology schools, and you’d like to move, have a “college experience,” and complete a degree at a large research university or small liberal arts college. We’ve got rankings for those programs as well. Check out our Best Bachelor’s in Computer Science and our Best Master’s in Computer Science.

Whether you’re looking to go back to school to increase your professional marketability by completing a degree from a top online school including programing, engineering, information systems, forensics, or entertainment—College Choice will walk you through the exciting opportunities available to you in computer science and technology.

Women, Minorities, and Computer Science and Technology Degrees

Completing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is the beginning of a career in a diverse and wide-ranging field that covers everything related to computers and computational systems, which—in our world—is connected to just about everything. Computer scientists deal mostly with software, and the systems created by that software, which spans several different theoretical fields and disciplines including design, technical theory, development, and practical application.

Historically, this field has been dominated by white males, but—since 1993—. While this is a sign of progress, there’s a lot of opportunity for women and minority participation in the STEM field of computer science, which is one of the lowest among a diversity of subjects within this wide and useful set of disciplines. If you’re a woman interested in computer science or technology, it might be helpful to a look at our College Resources for Women Students: The Ultimate Guide, which will give you a sense of some scholarships, fields of study, and organizations that exist to help women thrive in academic and professional settings which have been traditionally dominated by males.

Innovation Through Computer Science and Technology Degrees

Excitingly, social progress isn’t the only place where computer science and technology are gaining ground. Getting a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Technology grants you access to one of the world’s most perpetually innovative and exciting areas of professional fulfillment, where creativity, technical knowledge, and practical skills come together. In fact, computer science is ushering in a world that will change the way humans interact with one another, the environment, and even our own bodies. Keep in mind, that a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Technology will give you a leg up in these fields, but you’ll have to pay special attention that your major is adaptable to wherever you’d like to go with your career in one of these cutting-edge fields:

3-D Printing

Often referred to as the Third Industrial Revolution, the process of making digital models into physical realities is the focus of this computer science and technology field. No longer sequestered to factories and a complex manufacturing apparatus, the making of toys, tools, prototypes, and other products we use every day is changing due to this complex and commercially viable field of study.

Artificial Intelligence

The study of how computer systems can perform traditionally human tasks is the focus of this field. A.I. was once the fanciful stuff of pulp sci-fi novels and Hollywood blockbusters, but now it’s here, and it’s evolving the way we think about our own bodies and consciousness. From object scanning to language translation, A.I. isn’t just about robotics, but how human beings engage the world via, and in collaboration, with 广西快3. Tasks that normally require human intelligence—like visual perception, speech recognition, and decision-making—are no longer just tasks for human cognition.


The study and application of how extremely tiny computers effect the behavior of atoms, molecules, and submolecular material is the focus of this field of computer science and technology. Within this broad category are many fascinating applications for the health, productivity, and advancement of humankind, such as medical nanotech, nano-engineering, and nano-electronics.

What Computer or Technology Should I Get?

With so many interesting and professionally engaging avenues of exploration for a resourceful and technically-minded person, choosing the right computer science and technology focus can be a complicated task. Fear not, as College Choice is here to help. Below you’ll find a list of the most popular computer science and technology areas of specialization, along with some basic salary and job description info. Use the list to help you determine where you might like to go with your career.

Computer Science Degrees

Computer Forensic Investigator

Average Salary:

With a Bachelor of Computer Science or Criminal Justice, you can enter this area of computer science and technology that focuses on retrieving stored digital material. People in this profession investigate computer crimes such as hacking, theft (of personal data and money), and substantial security breaches. If this profession sounds right for you, take a look at our Criminal Justice info page and our College Choice Complete Guide to Accounting Degrees to give you an idea of how you might combine your love for computer science, technology and forensic science together into one fantastic occupation.

Computer Programming

Average Salary:

To succeed in this field, it’s important that workers have deep and practical knowledge in computer-based programming languages that can be gained by getting a Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming. The bedrock jack-of-all-trades of the computer science and technology industry, computer programmers write and test the code that allows computer applications and software to run without fail. Often working collaboratively with other coders and technology-based departments, people in this profession make the designs of software developers into programs that lay people or specialized professionals can use with easy and functionality.

Software Engineering

Average Salary:

While many people being a career in this field by completing both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Computer Science, many people enter the field self-taught and ready to innovate. Growing at a faster than average rate for the computer and technology industry, this vital field of work is integral to creating the computer programs that enrich our existence in work, at 广西快3, and in recreation. Software developers are the creators of all kinds of tools we use on our computers and smartphones, from simple tools like digital calculators, to fun games and apps that entertain us daily, to word processing and data management programs, to ultra-complex design programs and scientific models, software engineers examine the ways we behave and work and create systems that help us operate and integrate with the digital world. With the tech boom of the past decade, qualified and creatively engaged software engineers have found significant work as freelancers, with tech companies large and small, in experimental tech incubators, and in the public sector.

Information Technology Degrees

Database Administration

Average Salary:

Begin your career in this field with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and, perhaps with a Human Resources minor. Often referred to as DBAs, these computer specialists manage, store, and organize important data for companies and other institutions. Focused on security, DBAs often work with sensitive information such as financial, medical, and shipping records as well as facilitate the managing of a small team of employees to help with maintain privacy and data fluidity.

Information Technology Management

Average Salary:

Often called the IT department in the workplace, these employees, with Bachelors’ degrees in Computer Science, are an integral part to any business or organization that relies on computers to perform basic or advanced tasks, which—this day in age—is ever business or organization. Setting the tech goals and making them a reality by implementation, IT managers are in charge of the computer system health and functionality of an organization and work to integrate, manage, plan, coordinate, and direct computer-based activities across systems and departments within an organization, large or small. If this is an area of computer science and technology that seems compelling to you, then take a look at our College Choice rankings on the Best Online Bachelor’s in Information Technology and the Best Online Master’s in Information Technology.

Network System Engineering and Management

Average Salary:

With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a focus in Network Technology, you can be integral to every tech-based business by providing stability and strength of the computer network. These computer specialists create, administer, manage, and facilitate the computer systems that are responsible for holding sensitive data and making sure business functions smoothly. Responsible for both digital and physical maintenance of the computer system, as well as educating employees on how to use it correctly, these staffers are the workhorses of the computer programming and technology field.

Web Design Degrees

Website Design and Development

Average Salary:

With so much of our day-to-day experience happening on the Internet, these computer science and technology specialists are a must for large and small businesses alike. With a high rate of self-employed freelancers doing the bulk of web work for companies, these necessary and creative thinkers make enticing websites, manage social media, and create avenues for cooperation, collaboration, and commerce all across the web. While the majority of web designers are freelancers, many also work for design companies hired by corporations to manage and integrate style into the fully digital landscape of the Internet by helping to execute cohesive social media campaigns that pay attention to functionality and brand identity. If this seems like the right career path for you, pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Begin by checking out our Cheapest Online Bachelor’s in Web Design rankings list which will give you an idea of your options. As well, take a look at our Art and Design page for some leads on your creative career.

Video Game Design Degrees

Web and Game Design Programming

Average Salary:

Sometimes referred to as multimedia artists or animators, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Digital Design will get you going in this field. In charge of creating visual effects for television, movies, and video games, employees in a creative design department manage the aesthetics and functionality of digitally rendered media. Related to this profession in computer science and technology is art and design, so take a few moments to peruse our information concerning all things related to inventiveness on our Art and Design page, where you will find the school to help your creative mind flourish.

With a degree in computer science or a related field, there’s no limit to your imagination, or your professional mobility. At College Choice, we want to help you find the best fit for your computer science degree ambitions by matching you with the school that’s best for you. Using College Choice as your singular stop to all things related to getting your computer science and technology degree, you’ll be able to make your academic dreams become a reality as you find, get into, pay for, and thrive in college. Don’t wait another minute in starting your search for the best computer science program that’s right for you!

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