Cheapest Online Program Rankings

With rising tuition costs and increasing student loan debt in the news, it’s no wonder that most incoming college students have affordability on their minds.

But we have good news! Advances in technology are making online education more accessible, allowing colleges to offer higher-quality instruction online.

In fact, the most affordable colleges are increasingly offering online or web-blended programs. This helps schools keep costs down, while allowing students to complete their coursework when it’s convenient for them.

This is great news for graduate students who are already in the workforce. Fortunately, most affordable grad schools offer online courses these days.

We’ve put together our rankings of the most affordable colleges and universities. And don’t worry – all of these schools are accredited, so you’ll know that your education will pay off. You can check out our methodology here.

Cheapest Online Undergrad Programs

Choosing an online undergrad program can sometimes look like a trade-off—like you’re sacrificing a traditional college experience for a lower price tag or flexible schedule.

But “traditional” can include things like dragging yourself to a stuffy classroom for an 8:00 a.m. lecture, or running across campus in the rain to get from class to class.

What you get from an online program can seriously outweigh the appeal of that traditional experience. Think flexible schedules, and a nationwide professional network—not to mention lower tuition.

Check out our rankings for the most affordable colleges for undergrad degrees—you just might find the perfect school for you!

Cheapest Online Graduate Programs

Sometimes a graduate degree is the key to getting that promotion or making a big career change. But if you’re already in the workforce—or concerned about debt from your undergrad degree—grad school can seem impossible.

When you choose an online graduate degree program, though, you’re likely going to have a lower tuition rate than you would in an on-campus program. And because online programs offer flexible scheduling, you’ll be able to keep working while you finish your degree.

That’s why we’ve ranked the best, most affordable grad schools. These online programs are designed to help you take your education to the next level!

2018 Ranking

See our rankings methodology page.

Cheapest Online Undergrad Programs

Cheapest Online Graduate Programs